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net-nds is a Perl module that intends to use Graham Barr's Net::LDAP (perl-ldap) to provide a simple interface to Novell's NDS.

The project is at a very early stage - just getting the basic code in place to bind with the NDS's LDAP interface. There are no file releases yet. If you want to see the code then get it from the CVS

Update: 9 Mar 2004

It has been a long time since any work was progressed on this project. I have uploaded some brand new code to the CVS that is almost usable. You can use it to create an authenticatable NDS account that is optionally based upon a Template object. The Template method is still missing parts, like correct group membership handling.

Update: 25 Jan 2003

With the recent purchase of a new PC I can now (finally) get a Netware server installed. Then I can get started with this project.


As with everything at such an early stage in a project, the following is liable to be subject to frequent and extensive changes:

In addition to using Net::LDAP I want to incorporate a lot of the functionality provided by ncpfs. Ideally this interface will be seamless, but reality may insist otherwise. I am proposing to merge the ncpfs code into a single library and provide a perl (xs?) interface to this library. I have never done any XS programming before, so I will be learning as I go.

Here are the next immediate steps:

  1. Install Netware server with NDS
  2. Install ncpfs tools
  3. Review ncpfs code, particularly NDS authentication
  4. Review how best to integrate Net::LDAP and ncpfs

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